Life Giving Water

Water, widely available but in many ways the most precious of our Natural Resources.  It provides a way to transport goods, a source of energy to heat our homes and power all of our electronic gadgets, the very source of life itself.  While we can survive 1-2 months without food, we can survive no longer than a week and, in many cases, only 3 days.

Likewise, our spirit must be nourished by spiritual water to remain healthy.  God in the person of Jesus came to provide life giving water for our soul.  He came that we might be free from guilt over past misdeeds, be assured that we are more then flesh and blood that exists for a few short years and is gone; know that our life has meaning and purpose, and most of all know we are God’s beloved children.

Published by davidsmith703

David is a United Methodist Pastor who serves two small churches in the Adirondacks. His photography allows him to stop and enjoy the wonders of nature and our world.

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