Finding Hope and Meaning – Part 20

Many consider Wetlands a nuisance taking up space that could be put to productive use. For the farmer they are land that could be put to productive use and help them to survive if they were drained and cultivated. Yet when preserved they become a valuable habitat for wildlife and a source of beauty in their own right. Among other uses they provide a resting place and food source for migratory birds and are a delight for photographers and bird watchers.
They are part of that wondrous series of relationship that enable planet earth to exist and support life. They are part of beauty and wonder of this place we call home available for all to enjoy.
When we look with the eyes of faith, we will discover that the gifts of a loving God are all around us, even in swamps.

Published by davidsmith703

David is a United Methodist Pastor who serves two small churches in the Adirondacks. His photography allows him to stop and enjoy the wonders of nature and our world.

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