Wadams Waterfall

Today’s photo is of the Wadams Waterfall, one of over 2,000 known waterfalls in New York State. Each with its own characteristics and beauty. Location, pictures, and information about the waterfalls of New York State can be found on web sites and books. The following web site has a link to a google map locating each of the waterfalls and a listing by county that includes directions and information on each waterfall, New York Waterfalls – Full List by County (nyfalls.com/waterfalls).

A wondrous gift from our Creator that is a source of beauty, peacefulness, renewable energy, habitat, recreation and life-giving water. A testimony to our God’s power, wisdom, and love for us. A God who desires to walk through life with us, but God loves us too much to impose his will upon us.  God is there for us when we are ready to say yes to God. The invitation has been clearly made through Jesus, it is ours to accept or reject.

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Published by davidsmith703

David is a United Methodist Pastor who serves two small churches in the Adirondacks. His photography allows him to stop and enjoy the wonders of nature and our world.

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