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  • Winter on Sacandaga River – Part 1

    As the seasons change the view along the Sacandaga River is transformed.  Today ice and snow-covered rocks create an interesting image.  An image which seems to reveal new details each time I look at it.  We have been entrusted with a fascinating world that provides opportunities for recreation, inspiration, and places of respite from the demands of daily life.

  • Snow Covered Park Bench

    I love to photograph park benches. There is something basic about them that speaks of making time to enjoy the simple things of life. Even in Winter covered in snow they present a simple elegance that makes me stop and take a picture.  Then there are the shadows leading away from the park bench that whisper of distant travels and adventures.  There are wonders all around us, even in the middle of Albany in Washington Park.

  • Watching the Waves Roll In

    Watching the waves roll in at Oqunguit Beach in Maine on a Summer Day. Memories of a peaceful afternoon watching and listening to the waves.  An image that beckons us to remember warm Summer days and to dream of what awaits us in a few short months.  In the interim we can look for and enjoy the beauty of Winter days.  When we look for them, there are things to enjoy even during our least favorite season.  Just as there are things to complain about every season.  Each season has a part to play in the balance of Nature.  In a similar fashion the varied talents and capabilities of the members of the human race all have a part to play in creating a balanced community.  We get into trouble when we begin deciding some individuals and groups are valuable and others aren’t.  As the creation story in Genesis reminds us, we are all individuals within whom a spark of the divine dwells.

  • Glorious Adirondack Sunset

    For me there is something truly magnificent about a sunset in the Adirondack mountains. It is a scene that never fails to lift my spirits and make me grateful for all the blessings that God has granted us.  A reality that is not just true in the Adirondacks but throughout this glorious world of ours.  There is the grandeur of the lakes, oceans, gorges, wetlands, and the desert. All have a beauty about them and the ability to inspire us when we pause and take them in.  For me one of the joys of photography is that composing the photo makes me spend the time to really appreciate the view, capture it for viewing wherever I may be, and to share the beauty of creation with others.

  • Vischer Ferry Wetland

    Wetland in Vischer Ferry, an intricate part of the balance of Nature.  It serves as a buffer against flooding   and a habitat for several species. It also provides a pleasant landscape to enjoy and stimulate the creative side of our brain. It is amazing how all the elements of our world support one another.  Even at the end of their life the plants and animals provide the building blocks for the next generation.  In a similar way the world we have today is the product of efforts of those who have gone before us.

  • Sunset at Mexico Point

    There is something magical about the world at sunset.  The setting sun adds a gorgeous glow to everything.  The light seems to light one’s spirit and fill you with hope for what tomorrow may bring.  It marks the end of a day’s work and the beginning of time for rest and renewal.  A time which is followed by the world being filled with the glow of sunrise and the beginning of a brand-new day.  It is a blessing that our day is sandwiched between two events that paint this world with a magical glow and speak of hope. Two events whose existence aren’t limited to a particular season, location, or ideology. Two events that are there to provide hope in good and bad times. It is one more piece of evidence that the creative force behind our world was a loving God. 

  • Winter at Cohoes Falls – Part 3

    Water frozen on bank of the Mohawk River just down river from the Falls creates some fascinating patterns.  Our world is filled with many interesting sites that can amaze and stimulate our imagination.  God has given us so much natural beauty to explore.  Images that amaze not just upon initial encounter but reveal new treasures to those who spend time studying them.

  • Winter at Cohoes Falls – Part 2

    Winter’s cold temperatures cause everything to freeze, creating the nuisance of having to scrap windshields and the danger of falls and broken bones.  Yet here at Cohoes Falls the water continues to roar over the falls and generate electricity.  The difference of course is that the speed of the water tumbling over the falls prevents it from freezing. Likewise in life the secret to overcoming difficult situations is at least in part to keep moving.  We need to have faith that we can overcome what at first glance seems impossible.  We need to dare to believe that we are not alone in our struggle.  We need to believe that the promises of Scripture and the stories told by generations of believers are true.

  • Bloom Where Planted

    Today’s choice of images was inspired by memory of a gift given to me in 1979. I was a young pastor just finishing Seminary and preparing to leave the church served while studying there.  A member of the congregation gave me a shadow box with a tried flower arrangement and the words “Bloom Where Planted”.  In the years since then those words remind me of the need to concentrate on where I am right now rather then longing for the good old days or for a new adventure in the future.

    It is good advice that is at times hard to appreciate, let alone follow.  It is especially difficult when dealing with change, especially the loss of a loved one.  Some days blooming where planted means simply putting one foot in front of the other.  In times like that it is well to remember that we are not alone in our grief, God walks with us and seeks to comfort us.  God’s comfort often manifests itself in the person of people of faith who are willing to walk with us in our grief.  In these difficult days of the Pandemic, please don’t be afraid to seek the help of a Faith Community.  You are welcome to call upon them even if this is your very first time reaching out to them.  Finally, if you are dealing with severe depression, please reach out to a medical professional.  I know from personal experience that depression is most effectively treated by the three pronged approach of faith, counseling, and medication.

  • Winter at Cohoes Falls – Part 1

    While I don’t enjoy the cold temperatures of Winter; they do create some fascinating images.  This view of Cohoes Falls with its combination of frozen cascades and roaring water is a prime example.  The one thing though that this image fails to capture is the soothing sound of falls. The falls also provide green energy from the power plant located there.

    We are indeed blessed to live on a planet which such a variety of resources to meet our basic needs, stimulate our minds, and provide respite from the demands of daily life. The words of Genesis at the completion of the Creation Story that “…God saw that it was good” are so true today.  It is our responsibility to use the earth’s resources wisely so we can continue to say it is good.

  • Blanket of Clouds

    This day the sky in Central Park in Schenectady was filled with a blanket of clouds against a blue sky.  It was a gorgeous site that reminded me of all the blessings that I can be grateful for.  No matter what difficulties the day may bring there are always things to be grateful for. There is the peace and respite from the days problems that await us when we spend time in a park, a wooded area, or on the shore of a lake. Finally, my faith assures me that even when everything seems to be going wrong that God can bring something good out it. The assurance that my faith provides me is accessible no matter where I might be through the pages of Scripture and the hymns of the church.  For many the Psalms in particular seem to speak to life’s problems and the hymns of the church are as close as access to YouTube or one of the other music programs.

  • Winter in Albany Pine Bush – Part 2

    There is something about items on the top of hill reaching up into the sky that speaks of grandeur and power. The juxtaposition of the pine trees, the bare branches of the oak trees, and the dead tree seem to add a sense of intrigue to the picture.  Finally, there is the hillside decked out in snow and clumps of dead grass that provide a colorful foreground.

    Nature has provided a composition that rivals anything an artist mind could conceive.

    Here in the midst of the Capital District of New York we are blessed to have a unique and valuable natural resource.  A place that provides beauty to amaze and stimulate our mind, refuge from the demands of daily life, and a habitat for wildlife including the endangered Karner Blue Butterfly. We are fortunate that this valuable resource God has blessed us with enjoys a protected status that will ensure that it will be there for future generations.  We have been blessed with resources in abundance that will provide for generations to come if we use them wisely.

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